Something about Dr.Neha Suree

Salute to brave and honest lady Neha Suri who sacrificed her life for saving other lives by taking a stand

Dr. Neha Suree, who worked as a drug inspector. A few years ago, she had raided a few pharmacy outlets and cancelled their licences for selling banned intoxicating drugs. Today, a drug peddler entered her office in Mohali and shot her point blank. An honest officer who was fighting drug menace of Punjab was shot dead.

The bravery of these people are as important as those of our armed forces and police forces. These people protect the country from inside. They protect our society, our youths, our people.... My tributes to this brave and honest lady who sacrificed her life protecting the future of many youths.

PS - Media is silent. None will talk about drugs issue in Punjab now. They would want you to believe that the day Amrinder Singh took over as CM, drug problem was solved, and Punjab has become drug free again.
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